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Interncast (Recording of Live Show)

EuroMini Meeting 3 Thursday 16.11.06

Webcast Academy EuroMeeting 2
Thursday, Nov. 16, 200
Download mp3 (Only part of the recording due to an ecco-problem)

  • The “round” - where are you? – what are your problems/solutions now?
  • How can we best help others - in this little Euro-group?
  • Reports on AVC – anyone learned more?
  • Report on i-Sound from Niels
  • Reflections on content in our coming podcasts – who want to do what?
  • Round up – decision on meeting time – next week?
Chat Log not recorded

SpaceCast - Oh to Be 13!

SpaceCast Episode #9 from our middle school elgg students ( contemplate some very important questions - "What is it like....." (to  be 13 in Virginia, to  be 14 in New York, for my mom to be 13). I know I would not want to be 13 again but listen in for some different opinions from Paul Allison, Lee Baber and Madeline Brownstone classrooms for a student cast session that is really starting to grow up.  Teachers Teaching Teachers on Wednesday continue to discuss plans for the cast. We will be back on November 17th at 10:30 am EST -- 15:30 GMT. (Click here to subscribe to SpaceCast).

3rd Webcast for Women of Web 2.0

This is the 3rd webcast for Women of Web 2.0.

Cheryl was webcasting from Wells, ME, Jennifer, Vicki and Sharon were in Atlanta at the Georgia State Technology Conference.

We discussed blogging and different conference offerings. There were 20 people in the skypecast, and about 12 people in the Worldbridges Chat.

Thanks to Jeff and Dave for hosting this great opportunity. Thanks to all the listener.

I'll be posting to iTunes this week, so you will be able to RSS the podcast. Thanks for the suggestion.

Over and out,


Managing Skype, Skypecast, nicecast, while webcasting on a Mac

Hello all,

This is for the mac side of webcasting interns:

While in Skype Beta

If you are in a conference with some folks and want to bring in a skypecast:

Go to the skypecast you have created as the HOST. Join then press HOLD in skype, go back to the skype group you had already established, look towards the bottom of the group and find a drop down menu, select add to conference, choose the skypecast and then you will have both the skypecast as well as the skype.

Now, true to SKYPE, this will not always work as listed. If so, quit SKYPE and go in again. The moral of this story, set up your webcast at least 15 to 30 min. ahead of time. make your skypecast go much longer than you intend. 

Show #2, Women of web 2.0

I feel like the academy awards, I want to thank Jeff Lebow for always being in the wings, supporting, encouraging and cheerleading!

SpaceCast7 by Lee Ann Baber

SpaceCast Episode #7 is edited and ready to go. This is one of the better live events for our middle school elgg students ( this school year. Paul Allison and I joined Madeline Brownstone for a nice student cast session. The students are starting to get more comfortable with webcasting and seem to be more themselves. We will be discussing ways to help the comfort zone grow for the students and how to guide but not interfere with their "space" and dynamics during the Teachers Teaching Teachers Wednesday. We will skip this week's webcast but will be back on November 3rd at 10:30 am EST. (Click here to subscribe to SpaceCast) I will add one thing about this recording. I had originally set it up for my iTunes Podcast and it was an m4a. Since that is a really large file, I sent it to audacity, then iTunes, then converted it to mp3 again. Well, when editing I had cut some pieces out and left the holes of silence. I forgot to join them before my series of exports since I was teaching and doing this at the same time. As a result you will hear some very obvious audio editing flaws. I am not sure I will fix it right away with more work to do before going back so excuse the quality! Oh my, just another day in the audio editing merry-go-round!

Women of Web 2.0 Debuts during Webcastathon, October 15, 2006, with a little help from my friends.

Hello all, I had no idea when I began my webcast academy that I would be finishing up with a weekly show, starting November 7, 2006, 9 PM, on the worldbridges network. Thanks to Jeff and Dave for this opportunity. Thanks to the wonderful audience we seem to have dragged with us and a special thanks to the women, Sharon Peters, Jennifer Wagner and Vicki Davis, who with Cheryl Oakes make up Women of Web 2.0.

This will be a journey, join in the conversation as we travel the planet.

Thanks to Derek Miller for his podsafe music which is used in the intro and outro.

I'll be back with the show, right now it is too big topost.

SpaceCast 5 -- Back for Another Round

SpaceCast Episode #5  is edited and ready to go. This is our first live event for our middle school elgg students ( this school year. After being recorded live on air, I had to edit some choice items but it is still entertaining.

Last year, I had to ask others to broadcast for me since I could not get the firewalls open at school. That problem is now solved and I am able to handle the details. I still must work on getting the chat room to work for me and kids. Paul Allison and I joined Madeline Brownstone for a nice student cast session.

Just as we learn the ins and outs of social networking, so do our students and therein lies the reason for my editing a little of the audio. We will be discussing plans for this friday's SpaceCast tonight on Teachers Teaching Teachers so we can be better guides for out students.  See you next week (Friday at 10:30am EST). (Click here to subscribe to SpaceCast)

Liz and Randy - First Streamed Show

Hi everyone

Liz and I streamed to Sandbox A fairly successfully. We were discussing an article found online which was a presentation to the Education and Technology Committees of the New York City Council by Ellen Meir from the Center for Technology and School Change at Teachers College, Columbia University.

 We didn't get to start on time because of some technical issues. We resolved those about fifteen minutes after our start time. A few minutes into the show, the chat room let us know that I was coming through but Liz was not. I had forgotten to set the sound capture in SimpleCast to the sound card, so no Liz. We fixed that and were good until the end.

The attached file is from Audacity since the stream recording was not complete until half way through. 

Download MP3 (18.5 MB, 20:18)

web2learn Webcast #4

Teaching in Rural and Remote Locations series
This is the first webcast in a series on the topic of Teaching in Rural and Remote Locations in Australia. This series is being run in partnership with Edith Cowan University, South West campus. The aim is to give trainee teachers some insight into living and working in the types of locations they may be posted to in their first years of teaching. The discussion will focus on teaching and living in these communities, and how technology can assist teachers who find themselves isolated from professional support networks.

Our first guest was Terri van Zetten, a teacher in the Catholic school system, who has now taught rural/remote for a number of years now and who has a strong interest in using technology in the classroom.

This webcast originally went to air on Wednesday 16th of August 2006.

Download mp3 (24MB, 52min)

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