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Webcast Academy Meeting

Academy Meeting 1.2.8 - Oct. 1, 2006

Academy Meeting 1.2.8
Oct. 1, 2006
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10/1/06 09:27:07 Adam: hi all
10/1/06 10:52:45 Jeff:
10/1/06 11:05:26 Jeff: Hi Jason
10/1/06 11:05:35 Jeff: Vyew is here:
10/1/06 11:07:02 JasonR: Greetings
10/1/06 11:07:09 Trevor: The same!
10/1/06 11:08:40 JasonR: Checking audio settings
10/1/06 11:10:13 JasonR: New headset has a mute button. Forgot to check that. :)
10/1/06 11:11:02 JasonR: Figured with a mesh network, more would be better, no?
10/1/06 11:13:37 new2mac: cool
10/1/06 11:13:49 Jeff:
10/1/06 11:16:01 new2mac: i noticed a couple of interesting skypecasts by worldbriges
10/1/06 11:16:50 Trevor: I'm having a problem with the audio today, so at the moment I am simply going to follow the text chat!
10/1/06 11:18:14 new2mac: jeff,trevor i do reviews on skypecast at
10/1/06 11:19:02 new2mac: main ingredient lacking in skypecast is the ability to integrate text chat
10/1/06 11:20:59 Trevor: I finally have audio.
10/1/06 11:22:11 Trevor: Great idea!
10/1/06 11:22:30 Trevor: Sound quality on the stream is great
10/1/06 11:22:47 Jeff: cool - glad to hear it
10/1/06 11:22:57 Jeff: thanks
10/1/06 11:24:48 new2mac: great quality listening via itunes on my mac
10/1/06 11:26:02 new2mac: using nicecast?
10/1/06 11:26:17 Jeff: I'm using Oddcast (open source and free)
10/1/06 11:26:23 new2mac: lol
10/1/06 11:27:10 new2mac: whats the software jeff
10/1/06 11:27:27 adaptives: Sounds good (a few breaks...) but good otherwise
10/1/06 11:28:00 Trevor: Sounds perfect, really perfect on the stream!
10/1/06 11:28:09 Jeff:
10/1/06 11:29:23 Trevor: Can you contextualize this for me Jeff? What program are you using for streaming today?
10/1/06 11:29:34 new2mac: yup blew US40 on my logitech 350D
10/1/06 11:30:54 Jeff:
10/1/06 11:31:08 new2mac: yikes win only?
10/1/06 11:31:12 Jeff:
10/1/06 11:31:24 adaptives: How do we add items to the list on the webcast report page?
10/1/06 11:31:42 Trevor: A naive question that hopefully will not frustrate you -- can people join in the streaming or is that only done through Skypecast?
10/1/06 11:33:03 JasonR: afk
10/1/06 11:33:21 Trevor: afk?
10/1/06 11:34:36 new2mac: wow am seeing somebodys desktop
10/1/06 11:34:48 Trevor: I see your desktop!
10/1/06 11:35:49 JasonR: Away From Keyboard. I am back now. :)
10/1/06 11:36:20 Trevor: So you would use Oddcast instead of Nicecast?
10/1/06 11:36:58 new2mac: good question
10/1/06 11:37:44 Trevor: That's what I see -- only Vjew.
10/1/06 11:37:52 new2mac: have to test out oddcast in my other intel puter
10/1/06 11:38:58 Trevor: No we have only seen one page -- your entry vjew page
10/1/06 11:39:07 new2mac: opensource shouldnt be win only
10/1/06 11:39:13 Trevor: Oh Oh -- the audio is gone from the streaming now!
10/1/06 11:39:54 Trevor: I am going to try clicking on Channel 1 again. . .
10/1/06 11:40:21 new2mac: trevor,channel 2 is better for u i guess
10/1/06 11:40:43 JasonR: Guessing Jeff needed to reboot
10/1/06 11:40:53 new2mac: lol win
10/1/06 11:41:18 Trevor: I guess too -- the streaming audio is definitely out.
10/1/06 11:42:50 new2mac: is the streaming done live..or does it reads from a self creating archive that is almost live
10/1/06 11:42:52 Trevor: I have the audio again on streaming
10/1/06 11:43:14 new2mac: what happened
10/1/06 11:43:50 Trevor: You are back.
10/1/06 11:44:08 jl: my connection went down
10/1/06 11:44:36 adaptives: You are brave to try it again :-)
10/1/06 11:45:23 adaptives: Is everyone silent or is the sound out again?
10/1/06 11:45:45 Trevor: Yes the sound is out again.
10/1/06 11:46:27 new2mac: is this the first time using Oddcast?
10/1/06 11:46:38 adaptives: I can see the blue line and the ellipses in vyew
10/1/06 11:47:15 Trevor: The ellipses are from me!
10/1/06 11:47:18 new2mac: jl, is this the first time using Oddcast
10/1/06 11:48:07 Trevor: Sound is back on streaming.
10/1/06 11:48:07 new2mac: wow
10/1/06 11:48:17 Trevor: Must be a conflict with Vjew
10/1/06 11:48:48 new2mac: it crashes the browser
10/1/06 11:49:06 Trevor: How about trying IE?
10/1/06 11:49:14 new2mac: simulat a crash?
10/1/06 11:49:34 JasonR: Re: Stream and participation. You have to be in the Skypecast to participate in the conversation.
10/1/06 11:49:53 new2mac: lol
10/1/06 11:50:03 JasonR: There is usually a slight delay between the Skyepcast and the stream (true Jeff?)
10/1/06 11:50:11 new2mac: yes
10/1/06 11:50:45 Trevor: I see something really nice in the possibility -- i.e. that there is a collective whiteboard.
10/1/06 11:51:04 JasonR: No
10/1/06 11:51:50 new2mac: jeff say a keyword and we will see how long is the lag
10/1/06 11:52:36 new2mac: ping
10/1/06 11:53:04 JL: 21 secs
10/1/06 11:53:10 new2mac: cool
10/1/06 11:53:41 adaptives:
10/1/06 11:54:49 new2mac: check out this framset tool for skypecast
10/1/06 11:56:40 Trevor: Ciao!
10/1/06 11:57:22 JasonR: Lost audio
10/1/06 11:57:37 JL: you're not in the skypecast
10/1/06 11:57:46 new2mac: thanks jeff for playing host am out of here

Attached audio files: 

Mac users Workshops - future guidelines

Last Sunday's session became a general discussion about all things Mac. While the discussion was interesting it took us away from the intended focus of the session, webcasting for interns. The deviation from program was largely a result of people outside the intern community joining the Skypecast. All future Mac webcasting workshops will no longer be Skypecast. Interns are asked to enter the Academy Chat Room at the beginning of the workshop so that they can be given the Skype Id of the person facilitating the workshop and be brought into the Skype call by that person. This procedure should ensure that sessions stay on topic and do not compromise Academy information that might be considered more confidential in nature. In response to the desire for more general discussion about Macs and their application to education and communication, we are pleased to announce, at Jason Robertshaw's suggestion, MacBridges. While there is not much at the site as yet, stay tuned to 'Upcoming Events' for our first webcast (sooner than you might think!).

Webcast Academy Proficiency Badges - Part 2

Ok, I have done a bit more work on these, using the Site that Jason recommended, this is what i have come up with... not sure which icon I want to go with, the pillars or the mic. But the different levels will have a different colour laurel.

  • Voice Recorder - Red
  • Audio Editor - Green (proof2)
  • Webcaster - Yellow (Gold)(proof1)
  • Instructor - Orange

Let me know what you think!

Mac User Webcasting Workshop Sessions

Thanks to Doug Symington, Paul Reid, Alice Barr, Jason Robertshaw, Lee Baber and Cheryl Oakes for their contributions over the first four sessions. It has been great to have the exchange of information and ideas between Mac users in the community. It has also been good to share in the achievement of people getting up and running with streaming. I look forward to more Mac users joining us for future workshops.

PS check out Lee's live banjo at the end of the Session 3 mp3 file!

Download Session 3 mp3 (14.1MB, 59min)
Download Session 4 mp3 (14.8MB, 1hr, 5min)

Webcast Academy Workshop (WAW) 3b & 4b audio

Thanks to Jason Robertshaw, Lee Baber and Cheryl Oakes for their contribution over these last two sessions. It has been great to have the exchange of information and ideas between Mac users in the community. It has also been good to share in the achievement of people getting up and running with streaming. I look forward to more Mac users joining us for future workshops.

Webcast Academy Proficiency Badges

Hi everyone, After today's discussion, on Proficiency Badges, and chatting with Jeff and Dave, I am pleased to present some proof of concept Webcast Proficiency Badges. There is still some work to be done on them, but these give the general idea.

You could use them on your website/blog/wiki, make crests and sew them on your jacket, tattoos (not real ones, the ones you use water on), buttons, badges...the uses are endless...

Any comments, suggestions, feedback etc, is greatly appreciated.

Practice with kicking the host

Thanks to Brad and Jason last night, I was able finally to get to kick the host. A virtual kick the can!
At first I planned to just listen. So I brought my USB logitech headphone/mic . This works great for just listening. However, when I went to take over the broadcast things failed.
So, I picked up my Logitech USB mic, and headphones(ipod),then with a restart was able to use Nicecast, hijack the broadcast,SKYPE and archive so you will hear a little bit about our conversation.
Moving along!
It is great to work with a small group of people when troubleshooting.
Oh, I am using Mac intel Macbook, when I first was invited to join the skype conversation, I crashed. I am using Skype, not up to the beta!

Notes on Webcast Academy Workshop #4b

Brad Hicks hosted Webcast Academy #4b for Macintosh users. cheryloakes and I joined Brad in the conversation. I had my first full succcess, hijacking the Skype call in Nicecast and taking over the stream. Also successfully recorded the Skype call using the ecamm Call Recorder. Thanks for all the help Brad.

Webcast Academy Meeting - Sept. 3, 2006

 Webcast Academy Meeting
Sept. 3, 2006

Download mp3 (18.4MB, 40:11)

A Webcast Academy meeting for Class of 1.1 and 1.2 interns to check in and see 'where we're at'.  Topics included:

- Interncasts for 1.2'ers
- Posting, streaming, and other tech issues
- 1.1'ers certifications and graduation
- upcoming webcastathons and this season's webcast schedule
- any other questions or issues interns would like to address

Muting Skypecast / Conference Participants

Hi Everyone,

Been away and busy for the last little while, so i am a little behind on the WCA course of study.  I recorded the following today during the Webcast Academy check-in.  I hope Doug and Dave don't mind, as its their thoughts on when to mute Skypecast / Conference participants.  I did a little editing, shortened it and added an intro at the front.

Next up is streaming live?

cheers paul...

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