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Webcast Academy Meeting

Drupal tagging for better cross blog /forum structure

This page is using Drupal for the content management. One thing that I'm struggling with here in Drupal is whether I should post in my own blog, or start a New Forum Thread. Tagging could help make new constellations of postings. I found the tag cloud (in left menu), which helped me locate some topics, sorted in new blends. Could we develop a list of instantly suggested tags(such as when I tag in delicious) - A certain consistency in our shared tagging would ease the growing of fatter tags in the cloud. See what I mean? I'm sure I've not yet revealed and understood all necessary details about how to use Drupal - but it has a neat overview structure and I find it quite easy to create new content. However,I discovered that I am not allowed to create a nrew Forum, so I decided I would post it just here in my blog.

Comments from last night's meeting

Aside from some of the normal technical issues we run into running so many collaborative web apps at one time I think last night was a good first Wednesday night session.  Some of the things we came out with:

  • Always start your Skypecasts with visitors muted by default
  • Everyone should take time to get familiar with their friendly neighborhood sound card settings
  • We're going to set up a Moodle space under to help with the process of getting through the course requirements in a logical and organized manner
  • Hosting a show is much easier when you have a partner acting as your "engineer"
  • Susan did a great job!

Soundcard woes

I'm thinking aloud here, but if you have any thoughts please comment.

I've recently bought a new, fairly high spec PC running Windows XP SP2. I have three sound capture devices attached: a SoundMax internal card that came with the PC, a Soundblaster Audigy that I've just added and an M-Audio Firewire 410 audio interface, which I have to record my own music. Sounds complicated. Now I also have Virtual Audio Cables which I suppose falls into this list. (VAC keeps saying "Test" btw?)

I was having problems with the SoundMax, hence the addition of the Audigy. The Firewire interface I regard as a separate issue. Everything can work - I just don't know when it will and when it will fail. I was in at the beginning of the small group meeting last night on the Skypecast and had tested Skype with our friend the Skype Lady before the meet. Everything was OK. Previously I had been using the Java-based Elluminate environment to play back some conference sessions. During our meeting I had Web Huddle running.

Meeting 1.3.2

Webcast Academy Meeting 1.3.2
Sunday, Oct. 29
Download mp3

Chat Log Below 


Trying to Get into the Groove

I missed the sunday meeting because I was out of town for a family function and could not possibly log in to join the group. Now I am scrambling to catch up. Have downloaded the mp3 file and will listen to what transpired and catch up on the conversations in print here, there and everywhere. Information seems scattered all over the place. I'm trying to find time to focus enough to catch the gist of the organization that I fear is not really here given the infinite expansion possibilities of the communication tools we are using. :-)

Student Podcasters
Here are a couple of my students podcasting on Tuesday afternoon.
Hey! if they can do it, so can I.

Adding a little tunage to your recordings

If you're like me and like to add a little musical action to your recordings, I'd suggest clicking over to to create your own sampled MP3 files. I'll post one as soon as it's ready...but not before it's time.

here I come, with my priviledge to Create Content!

I'm so grateful for this :-)

Hi from Andrew

A short message from me. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.


I was not able to download the beta version of Audacity.  Will try again later.  So here is my intro in the old version.

Webcast Academy Meeting - 1.2.8

Academy Meeting 1.2.8
Oct. 1, 2006
Download mp3

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