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Julie's Intro

I used Audacity to create this intro.....enjoy!


My intro

Well it seems that I didn't upload the file last time. So here we go again.

My first recording

Here is my intro recording, unedited. My challenge is going to be sounding coherent live so I challenged myself to see if I could record something which could go out as is.

A long time ago I used to do something which I think is peculiarly British and that is hospital radio (people joked that people felt worse rather than better after listening to hospital radio) so I have a little experience of live performance (apart from teaching of course!). IĀ also did a couple of radio interviews, again a very long time ago bit the interesting thing was that the live interview went far better than the interview which I knew was being recorded where I ended up straying off the subject rather badly.

Kathy's Intro

I have, skype,simplecast and audacity but haven't managed to install vac.

kathy's revised intro - nothing new just practicing.

I am finally getting around to trying to use the flash player in my post. The audio is nothing new. download mp3


Jennifer Wagner Intro

Thank you for listening to my introduction.

Dennis: Audio introduction

Greetings to you all and a special "Hi!" to my CETEFL colleague. You all sound young, dynamic and professionally successful. I should learn a lot. Trying to catch up, so a short and simple introduction.



More an apology than an introduction

True I've been travelling, but I still feel like the boy that's arrived in the third week of the semester. I'm finding my way around, but there were/are areas of the Academy I didn't realise existed. I'll get my new micro tomorrow, and I'll be with you. Dennis

The Book of Webcasting

This is the Book of Webcasting - collaboratively built by Academy participants and still a bit messy, but aiming to be the repository of webcasting wisdom. 

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