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I did an spur of the moment Ustream of Brian Crosby when we met on Thursday as an Alice's Restaurant episode. I wanted to edit it, and not put up the raw Ustream (The first five minutes is just me fiddling with set up, and the show was cut in half when my power cut out on my laptop). It doesn't look like I can re-upload to Ustream. Should I put it on an EdTechTalk/WCA server (or is 44 minutes of video too big)? 

Alice Restaurant Show #5: An Interview with Larry Ferlazzo

On Wednesday November 7, 2007 I interviewed fellow Sacramento educator, Larry Ferlazzo. We discussed some of the organizing support for technology projects. Larry shared his experiences getting his school computer lab, and home computer project started. Here are the highlights:

Alice's Restaurant Show #4 - Equinox Webcastathon edition: An Interview About Advocacy

Join me, and my family. First we wish Leroy a happy birthday. Then dh (dear husband) Terry Preston joins me to discuss the elements of an effective advocacy campaign.

Alice's Restaurant with Lisa Parisi on Special Education Perspectives

This is a fantastic discussion Lisa Parisi and I had with her co-teacher (Christine Southard) who teach in an inclusion classroom.  Glenn Moses and I took off our teaching hats, and talked about our roles as parents of special education students. 

Show #2 for my Webcast Portfolio: Alice's Restaurant - A conversation with James Farmer of edublogs

Okay, James is a very hard guy to pin down, but I did it! Our discussion was based in a series of blog posts that started with Will Richardson's post from a conference on the Future of the Teacher.

James' post

Show #1 for My Portfolio: Coffee Klatch with Maria Knee

This show was a discussion about planning for teaching technology to primary students. I asked for input to my lesson plans from Maria Knee, since she teaches kindergarten. Notice the forceful patience that Maria uses in pointing out how I need to let the children actually use the computers on the first day. Notice how tired I am talking at 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning.

Technical notes:

Alice Mercer's Introduction for Webcasting Class of 2.1

Here it is...
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