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Interncast#2 Jane Jiang 2008-3-30

Hi, In this JJ show#2,  Mr. Jeff Lebow was the official Guest  to talk about the topic of "The cross-cultural dynamics of new media".  Thank  you very much to the Dean and the participants too. Thank you all!

P.S. Sorry for the echo at the beginning of audio.


Here is the "POSTER" of The JJ Show#2 

Jeff Lebow's Graduation Class of 1.1

It's Official Folks!  There are now two graduates in the family.  Please join me in congratulating our Founder Jeff Lebow.  So Jeff, now that you have graduated where are you going?....... Did I hear Disneyland?  Next time your are in Southern California be my guest.  I bet Jdub can join us.  :-)   

Teacher Talk Video Studio

Here is the final version of the second broadcast of Teacher Talk, with Lisa Parisi, Susan van Gelder, and Cheryl Lykowski.  Our guest was Colleen King, creator of Math Playground. ­

This was an historical show, due to the fact that, while we were strea­ming audio, we also streamed video through UStream.  So our Teacher Talk Video Studio showed streams of Lisa Parisi, Susan van Gelde­r and Colleen King.  It also had the chat running and a Skype call going with the three mentioned and Cheryl Lykowski. 

While there was a lot to combining all the facets of this show, it was great fun and well worth the effort.  Thanks to Jeff Lebow for all his encouragement and help getting up and running.  And thanks also, Jeff, for recording the video stream.

Jeff Lebow Gradcast, Class of 1.1

Jeff Lebow Gradcast
Class of 1.1
August 11, 2007

Thanks very much to all those who joined in during my gradcast and
all those who have been part of my webcasting journey along the way.

Webcaster Portfolio

Chat Log Below

12:57:39  JoseR ->  JL tell me when you are ready to kick off
12:58:40  JoseR ->  the stream

Webcast Academy 2.2.2

Webcast Academy 2.2.2
August 8, 2007

Jeff Lebow Introduction

Wow, this is really fun listening to introductions - learned some new things about people I've 'virtually' known for a while and enjoying making some new web acquaintances.

I realize now, I should have included some information about how to created a download link and flash player option for playing the audio. If I don't fall asleep on the keyboard, I'll try to get that up tonight. If not, it will be up very soon.

Download mp3 (864kb, 1:50)

Conversation with Albert (part 2)



Note: In the months that  followed,  we encountered  someone with  a very similar voice to Albert claiming to be from a different country with a similar but slightly different story.  The consensus among those that encountered him was that his story was probably not entirely true.  So, amazing life story or amazing performance, new media hoax or blurring of fact and fiction - either way, it still makes for some compelling listening.


Part 2 of our conversation wtih Albert, a "blind hippie, teacher, Sufi political dissident" who was skyping in from a refugee camp in the African desert of Western Sahara.

Conversation with Albert (part 1)


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