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Podcasting in Language Learning & Teaching round table

Join the EVO2007 Open Webpublishing group for a roundtable discussion on podcasting With special guests: Sean McMinn & Pete Travis See our wiki for details: What time is it where you live? : Join the Skypecast here:

Digital Gaming & Language Learning

Please join the EVO2007 Digital Gaming & Language Learning group in a Skypecast (Skype: +990001110016943770) on Saturday 10th February at 15.00 GMT Let us know how you are getting on and to discuss anything related to Digital Gaming & Language Learning. We are also meeting at Boracay in Second Life afterwards, at 16.00 GMT and Nick will be giving us a balloon tour of the NMC facilities.

Digital Gaming Round Table

Join the Digital Gaming & Language Learning EVO2007 group for another Round Table Discussion This follows our meeting in Second Life - see our wiki (week three) for details of the Skypecast, etc, and please join us if you can

Workshop 2.1.3

Workshop 2.1.3
January 28, 2007

Download mp3
General troubleshooting, a discussion of show possibiilities, and lots of audio adjustments.

This week's assignment: (same as last week) post a short clip of a skype recording.  Also post requests for streaming assistance to webcast experimental shows. 

EVO2007 Digital Gaming & Language Learning - Week 2 Webcast

Skypecast on Saturday January 27th at 13.00-14.00 GMT - We'll be meeting again this Saturday for a round table discussion about gaming. Skypecast number: +99001110019303569. Join the chatroom here. We will be going into Second Life in the second hour.

Open Web Publishing Week 1 Webcast with Clarence Fisher

On Saturday (January 20th) the Open Web Publishing EVO2007 session held a synchronous session with special guest speaker Clarence Fisher.

EFL Bridges - World Conversation Club #38

Join English language learners and teachers for the first 'World Conversation Club' of 2007. Our first topic is 'Fashion', but we will be talking about anything and everything people are interested in.

Join the Skypecast here
What time is it where you live?

Workshop 2.1.2

Workshop 2.1.2
Recording a telephony conversation
January 21, 2007
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Once you've recorded and posted your introduction, your next challenge is recording a telephony conversation.  There are a variety of way to do this.

If you want to record the conversation without streaming it to via the shoutcast server, you can use a number of skype 'extras',  3rd party recording programs, or telephony programs that support recording.  More info here.

If you want to record the conversation and stream it via the Shoutcast server, things get a bit more challenging. Methods vary based on operating system, sound card, and an assortment of other variables, but generally requires either a desktop USB mic or a USB headset that has two separate inputs (one for the mic and one for the earphoens).  It is doable with a 'regular' headset, but thusfar sound quality has been poorer and echo issues have been unavoidable. It is also doable using some kind of external mixer, but we have not yet experimented much with that method.  Windows users will most likely need to use Virtual Audio Cables , while Mac uses will need to use Audio Hijack Pro

This weeks task:  post a short (about 1 minute) recording of both ends of a telephony conversation using whatever method you can.
You can try to contact other interns or friends for the recording or if no one is available, you can call 'Skype lady' at 'echo123'

Chat Log Below /

Webcast Meeting 2.1.2

A weekly roundup of what's happened at the academy during the past week, troubleshooting of intern 'challenges', and prep for the next steps toward webcasting.

Sunday, Jan. 21 1700GMT (global times)

Open & Participatory Webpublishing Round Table with Clarence Fisher

Webcast Academy participants are welcome to join us for this EVO session (try your hand at recording some of the Skypecast if you like, use the raw audio as an exercise in editing, etc.) Week One of the TESOL EVO2007 'Open & Participatory Webpublishing' session begins with a round table discussion. Special guest - Clarence Fisher. Instructions: - To listen only, tune into 'Sandbox B' - To participate in the chat room, click on the link on the right
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