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Mireille's Interview with Vance Stevens

Hello Everyone

Here is my interview with Vance Stevens.  The interview ran 1 hour.  There was so much to talk about and I could have listen to Vance for hours. 

What I would like to learn is
1.  How to Edit - I have posted this interview without editing.  Once I have learned how to edit I will go back repost the interview
2.  How to divide the interview into smaller chunks. 

Here are the links we talked about in the interview


Vance Stevens Talks about Abu Dhabi

Here's an interview with Vance Stevens about Abu Dhabi.

He talks about:

Carla!!! I am coming to Florida!!!!


I just noticed that you live in Key West....I will be in Boca Raton from the 15th to the 30th of August, visiting my parents.  Maybe we can meet halfway...!  would be fun to meet you.  Let me know....coming from Italy....

Contact me here or at 

baci, Susan 

Webheads Practice Session-Skypecast

I was chatting with Aglaya from Columbia and she was very keen on getting started. I will set up a skypecast on Wednesday 5 PM EST. It is my hope that those of you who participate will have tried to post an audio greeting prior to the skypecast. This is an optional meeting and it if you simply want to listen you can turn on the stream or listen later. All are welcome even if you haven't been able to get started and just need a little push in the right direction. I teach kindergarten and although I plan to treat you as adults, I will give you the patience I give my students.

Class of 2.1, EVO Session 1

To all those who have sent  "I'd like to participate in the next Webcast Academy Session" notes (or thought about doing so), please tune in live this Sunday or stop by some time next week to listen to the recordings and check out what's going on. 

You might also want to subscribe to the
Webcast Academy Yahoo Group at:
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by logging in to,  and clicking  my account / edit /  my newsletters

... and oh yeah, apologies for the delay in getting back to you.  As you might soon discover, The Webcast Academy infrastructure is still being built.  Welcome.

EVO 2007 Launch Webcast
Sunday, Jan. 14, 1500GMT (global times)

Webcast Academy Class of 2.1, EVO Session 1
Sunday, Jan. 14, 1700GMT (global times)

Web version of this note at:

Webcast Academy Meeting 2.1.0

Webcast Academy Meeting 2.1.0
Planning Session
January 7, 2007
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Deep Probing Questions
(see text answers on FAQ page)

EVO & SL Ahoy!

Contact us

Jeff Lebow - While working as an English teacher in Korea, Jeff began building Worldbridges, his grad school vision of creating a global network of homegrown webcasting. He currently lives in Bow, NH, USA and serves as general manager and chief plumber of the Worldbridges network. He also co-hosts a number of shows including EdTechTalk, EdTechWeekly, Webcast Acadmy Meetings, and Virtualbridges.
Vance Stevens - Vance Stevens is a Computing Lecturer at Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi. In 20 years as ESL teacher and CALL coordinator, he implemented many CALL facilities, conducted research, and produced numerous publications and CALL software. He moonlights as Ed Tech consultant, online facilitator and coach, and founder and moderator of the Webheads community of practice.

Tools we Will be Using

Drupal sites
Telephony Software
Audio Recording & Editing
Streaming Software

Magic Ingredients

Week Six Details

Week Six Details
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