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Catherine's Intro

I used my PC and Audacity (only) to creat this brief intro. I had a very inexpensive headset, which to my ears sounds not as bad as I'd feared. I am grateful for the Audacity tutorials (and Jeff/ Lee's advice about the LAME file) to get here, finally. Thx for your patience!

Barbara Green-Studer's intro


This audio was recorded with the PC sound recorder, edited with Audacity. I used my PC and a headset microphone.


Trying again. Persistence is the foundation to success.


Here is my intro created with audacity on a PC laptop with a Logitech USB mic. I had no idea I said so many "uhs..." when I talk! I tried editing some of them, most imperfectly. Enjoy! Looking forward to learning more.... Sharon Peters

Vance's Intro

In which Vance records his introductory offering to the Webcastacademy class of 2.1 using a shrink wrapped headset mic crammed into a round hole at the side of his laptop, recording with Audacity, exporting to mp3 via the LAME thingy

Sandra's intro

I am a new intern. I use an Ibook G4. I used Audacity, Lame and Stuffit for my Audio clip. Also I am a Technology Coach at a Special Education Middle School in Brooklyn, NY. I use my computer a great deal. But I am new to Webcasting and many of the other applications mentioned so far. I am eager to learn and willing to help when I can.

Erica's intro

Hi everyone, I am buying a USB mic this week. For my first recording, I used my headset (I know, another no-no). :) Audacity worked great. I have a lot to learn, though.

Elsa's Intro

This audio file was created with Audacity, a desktop mike, and Windows PC.
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