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Erika Cruvinel Introduction

Hello, I am Erika Cruvinel, a brazilian teacher who has been trying to learn how to stream for over a year. I joined the Webcast Academy last year, but the most I could do was to record one end of a Skype call. So please give me one more chance to learn more about webcasting. I promise to try harder this time!


Susan van Gelder Introduction

Made with Audacity

Carla Arena's Intro - Let's Samba with Webcasting!

Dear all,

It's a great pleasure to be with you here. I've been here before as an intern, but due to time constraints I was not ready at the time to find my way through streaming! Now, I'm ready to dive in.

Cheryl Oakes' introduction


This is my introduction for Webcast Academy 2.1 First the download Introduction

Flash player attempt # 1.

Cheryl Lykowski Introduction

Trying to get Flash Player - jealous of Jose's

Welcome Class of 2.2

I totally missed the first class and see many are already doing a fantastic job! I am willing to help any who ask and admit to knowing less than nothing 

Jose Rodriguez Introduction Class of 2.2

Hi, My name is Jose Rodriguez.  I am a third grade teacher in Los Angeles, CA (USA).  I also teach adult ESL at night school.  I have been part of the Edtechtalk community for the last year or so.  I recently started webcast on edtechalk;  It's Elementary with Lisa Durff, Maria Knee and Alice Mercer.  I am looking forward to becoming a webcaster building my Personal Learning Network these next few weeks.  

Jose Rodriguez 3rd Grade Teacher, Adult ESL; It's Elementary Webcast 

July 25 intro

this is my second attempt!

we'll see - i may not have adjusted prefs correctly.

hey looks like it's working yippee

Meeting up



I really feel like the kid whose peers left school two years ago, everything has changed, the computer room is where the bathroom used to be and no code words work any more.

 I'm very interested in the present course, though I'll probably miss all the European-unfriendly meetings after midnight our time since I live in time zone GMT + 2.

I've been a registered member of WA for about two years.


I hope to meet up with you somewhere.


by Dr. Radut