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Webcast Academy 3.1 self-introduction - scottlo Scorbal

Here is my audio self-introduction for Webcast Academy 3.1.

Doug Symington: 3.1 Introduction

My audio introduction for the Class of 3.1. I too am really looking forward to working with each of the interns in the Class of 3.1 and invite interns from previous sections of the Academy to join in the fun, and help us tweak the content and delivery of WCA curricula. NOTE: Background music compliments of the Beastie Boys and, and can be found @

Jeff Lebow Introduction - Class of 3.1

Thought I'd get the ball rolling for introductions.  Look forward to virtually meeting 3.1 interns.

Paul McLean - Introduction Audio

I hope you enjoy this.


My guess is that it will be different from anything submitted by anyone else. 

Julie Lindsay Introduction

Jess McCulloch Introduction

I'm Jess, I teach Chinese in a small country school in Victoria, Australia. I'd love to create a webcast show with my students, and maybe Jo McLeay will have me on her show too! Looking forward to it.



Introduction by Cyndi Danner-Kuhn

Well week one and already behind.  Not a good start needless to say. Anyway, I am using a MacBook Pro and thought GargageBand would be best bet, but decided to try Audacity since that is what  most of my own students will attempt to use.  I am really kooking forward to suggestions for improvement.
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