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Rick Reo Introduction - Class of 4.1

Here is my short and sweet personal intro that is just over a minute in length. I used a Plantronics DSP400 mic to record it.


Shonie Washington-introduction-class of 4.1


Thank for the opportunity.

Introduction Robert Squires Class of 4.1

Hi, I am an academy newbie, and I am looking forward to getting started with webcasting. I'm based in Missoula, MT, but am originally from Edinburgh in Scotland. Slainte!

Jeff Lebow Introduction - Class of 4.1

I'm an Academy 'oldtimer' who currently lives in Bow, NH, but will be moving to Busan Korea soon. I do some teaching and a lot of geeking. My webcaster portfolio is here and my negelcted personal website here.

Introduction by Minhaaj

Hi this is my first audio for edtechtalk webcasting internship. This is my brief introduction of myself. I am really looking forward to be part of this exciting and nice community, and ofcourse to graduate :)

Linda Nitsche Introduction

Hello fellow webcasters! I am looking forward to sharing and learning with you.

Durff Intro Class of 3.1

Maybe Durff did better this time, maybe not....

Colette Cassinelli - Webcast Academy 3.1 Introduction

Thanks for listening to my audio introduction

Carlos F Webcast Academy Introduction 2008-07-22

It's my final version ( I hope!) of the introduction. I think I respected all the specifications... At least, I tried...

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