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Leaving an audio or video comment

How to leave a video or audio comment on

Click on the image below to play the screencast.


Web Conferencing and Webcasting System

ePresence Interactive Media is an Open Source Web Conferencing and Webcasting system that delivers video and synchronized presentation media over the internet using multiple streaming formats for multiple platforms. Freeware from the University of Toronto, Canada 

Streaming into/within/from 2D Virtual Workshops (Converging Webcasting into Moodle)

A. Introduction

In order to enable this module, some course material must be prepared and installed. So it might be favorable to consider converging The Basic Program into WizIQ/Moodle first. Check the relevant module for this.

Benchmark Examples

eLearn Magazine

WizIQ Demo Workshop Replay: Click on "Play Recording" and wait for the playback start

Offline Playback of Jing Screencasting Files via Total Video Player

Is there a offline way for the playback of Jing screencasting files?

After creating or downloading a Jing screencast, save the .swf flash file to your HD.

Then download and install the Total Video Converter.

This installation is actually comprized of two software packages.

Posting Video

I did an spur of the moment Ustream of Brian Crosby when we met on Thursday as an Alice's Restaurant episode. I wanted to edit it, and not put up the raw Ustream (The first five minutes is just me fiddling with set up, and the show was cut in half when my power cut out on my laptop). It doesn't look like I can re-upload to Ustream. Should I put it on an EdTechTalk/WCA server (or is 44 minutes of video too big)? 

High Quality Video goes public with Skype 3.6 for Windows

Today's new version of Skype fits with the Ustream activites here at the Academy:

UStream Practice Session

Video Archive of our experimentation with Ustream
November 12, 2007

Software used: Webcam Max

Chat Log Below­

Multicam Templates

Below is html code you can use to create a 2x2  or 3x3 Ustream multicam interface. 


2x2 (suggested width/height settings - width=312, height = 255)


Below is a list of interns' webcam pages. To create one, click 'add chil­d page' below, 'toggle html area' (shown to the right) and paste the embed code from your live streaming service of preference. 

If you'd like to hide the left side menu columns, set the 'URL path settings' to cam/yourname'.

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