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The Webcast Academy Show Announcements

Webcast Academy Newsletter

Webcast Academy Update & Open House

The Webcast Academy will be having an Open House in about 14 hours at 0200GMT (Saturday evening in the Americas, Sunday in Europe/Asia). Global times at: Everyone is welcome to participate .

The purpose of the open house is to prepare for the upcoming Earthcast Webcastathon on April 22 (see, touch base with past interns, and belatedly welcome those who've registered in recent months only to find a deafening silence at the Academy. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of the Academy's return to activity.

Class of 4.1 Open Houses

To all those registered at

After months of inactivity, the Webcast Academy is about to stream back into action.

The Class of 3.1 Begins

Dear everyone who has ever registered at the Webcast Academy,

The Webcast Academy is finally back in session. Jose has already started the Spanish language session at the Moodle. Doug, Derral, & I will be starting the English language session at this week.

To become part of the Class of 3.1, take the first steps by July 31

-----------The First Steps---------------
More info and screencast guides at:

--- Take the Site Tour

Open House Tomorrow for the Webacast Academy Class of 2.4

Dear Webcast Academy Community,

Just a quick note to mention that the Class of 2.4 will begin this Sunday, January 13 at 1600 GMT

We have 15 people registered, but still have room for a more.

Information about applying can be found here:

Class of 2.4 Orientation newsletter here:

Class of 2.3 Ahoy!

Dear Webcast Academy Community,

Just a quick note to mention that the Class of 2.3 will begin this Sunday, October 14.

We already have more than 35 people registered, but still have room for a few more.

Information about applying can be found here:

Class of 2.3 Orientation newsletter here:

Equinox Webcastathon & Class of 2.3

  The Worldbridges Equinox Webcastathon is less than 36 hours away. The ever-evolving schedule is at

Interns (past and present), feel free to edit that page to add a show.  You'll need to register at in order to do so. We have plenty of channels, so if someone is already streaming at your desired time, you can sign up at the same time and stream on a different channel.  This is a great opportunity to get some interncasts under your belt, so don't hesitate to sign up.  Oldtimers, this can also be a good  opportunity to get your gradcast out of the way and actually graduate from The Academy. Updated graduation info is at:  The longer you wait, the more graduation tasks we'll add  :)

Also, if you're available to stream at certain times but don't have a new show to webcast, you can sign up in the column for 'other available streamers'. Between scheduled shows, 'Other Available Streamers' can play recordings of  podsafe music and/or clips from podcasts (from Worldbridges or other sources of open content). They can also be available to stream shows hosted by others who are not quite ready to stream on their own.  If you're someone who's not quite ready to stream on your own, feel free to sign up for a time slot and note your need for some streaming support - chances are someone will sign up to provide it.  As usual during Webcastathons, there will probably be a lot of late-breaking schedule changes and additions, so stay tuned to that page and the Worldbridges Chat Room (accessible from any Worldbridges site).  Webcastathons are also a great opportunity to stretch beyond our normal audiences and topics, so please blog, twitter, and spread the word anywhere you'd like.

For those who are ready to take the intern plunge, the next Academy Session (Class of 2.3) is scheduled to begin the week of October 14. Jose Rodriguez and Graham Stanley will be serving as facilitators.  Information about applying is here.    Those who were interns during earlier sessions, but never quite 'followed through' are welcome to join in again and complete their internship.   A Webcast Academy Open House is scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 23 at 1700GMT

Class of 2.2 Wrap-up, Academy Tweaking, & Webcastathon Prep

Dear Webcast Academy Interns & Members,

  We'll be having a Webcast Academy meeting  Sunday, Sept. 2 at 1800GMT  (global times at:

The agenda for this meeting will include:

    * getting feedback from Class of  2.2'ers that will help those who follow them
    * discussing webcasting possibilities beyond the Academy on Worldbridges and elsewhere

Class of 2.1, EVO Session 1

To all those who have sent  "I'd like to participate in the next Webcast Academy Session" notes (or thought about doing so), please tune in live this Sunday or stop by some time next week to listen to the recordings and check out what's going on. 

You might also want to subscribe to the
Webcast Academy Yahoo Group at:
and the Webcast Academy Intern Newsletter
by logging in to,  and clicking  my account / edit /  my newsletters

... and oh yeah, apologies for the delay in getting back to you.  As you might soon discover, The Webcast Academy infrastructure is still being built.  Welcome.

EVO 2007 Launch Webcast
Sunday, Jan. 14, 1500GMT (global times)

Webcast Academy Class of 2.1, EVO Session 1
Sunday, Jan. 14, 1700GMT (global times)

Web version of this note at:

8th Grade Radio Show Tomorrow!

Tomorrow 12 courageous 8th graders from New York City will try their hands at a 3-day webcasting session (after a brief tutorial from me today). Each day they will produce a 3-segment, 30-minute show. The topics right now range from the Apple/PC debate to life as 8th graders in New York City to entertainment coverage. They are excited at the possibility of live listeners, so I would appreciate it if any of you could join us from 12:30pm EST/GMT-5 (17:30GMT) in the chatroom. We will be broadcasting during the same time on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Upcoming Meetings and Last Call for the Class of 1.x

October 28, 2006 Newsletter

Dear Webcast Academy Interns and Registrants,

  Thanks to the Class of 1.3 for a great first week of the session. For those who are interested in becoming interns, but have not yet registered or become active, it's still not too late - this is a last call to join the class of 1.x.  If you would like to be considered part of The Webcast Academy Class of 1.x, you need to post an audio introduction by Nov. 1, 11:59pmGMT.  In order to receive the necessary posting privileges, you  will need to have posted a short note on this forum thread expressing your interest. 
    Everyone is welcome to participate in the community and learn whatever they can from the Webcast Academy site, but only 1.x interns will be able to stream from the Webcast Academy Sandbox Channels and be eligible to receive webcasting certification during the upcoming 1st Academy Certification Council .  For  a discussion about what that means and how to begin posting to your Webcaster Portfolio, please tune in to Webcast Academy Meeting 1.3.2 or listen to the recording. The Class of 2.x is scheduled to begin early in 2007, but the certification council will not meet again for at least 6 months.
At the bottom of this note is a list of those who have applied to be part of the Class of 1.x and those who have posted audio introductions.  If you've posted an audio introduction, but it is not noted, please send a quick email with a link to the mp3 file to
Members of the Classes of 1.1 and 1.2, if you have not posted your introductions, please do so if you'd like to receive certification at the upcoming council.

There are two meetings coming up on Sunday, Oct. 29
Please note that daylight savings time ends tonight in many time zones, so we may need to re-adjust our internal GMT calculators.
Brad will be hosting a Mac users session at either either noon or 1pm GMT - stay tuned to the event listing for clarification.
I will be hosting a general meeting at 9amPST/noonEST/5pmGMT (global times).
The agenda includes: Posting Guide, ID3Tags, Info about the Station Module Automatic Archive Update, 1.3 Learning Plan, Open Workshop - Q&A, Troubleshooting
For those who have not yet listened to Meeting 1.3.1, we discussed having mini-meetings and workshops at other times.  All 1.x interns are welcome to schedule and host gatherings at any time.  To do so, simply click 'Create Content/event'.  You can also send a newsletter out to other interns by clicking 'create content/ newsletter) and selecting 'Webcast Academy Intern Newsletter'.

Thanks again to all those who've made the Academy such an interesting place to learn,

----current list of interns and audio introductions-----
It's not too late to add your name....

Class of 1.1
  1. Paul Allison 
  2. Lee Baber  audio intro
  3. Dave Cormier 
  4. Dugar
  5. Conrad  Dwojak 
  6. Susan Ettenheim audio intro
  7. Jeff Flynn 
  8. Brad Hicks 
  9. Jeff Lebow audio intro
  10. Tim McKean
  11. Alex Ragone 
  12. Vance Stevens 
  13. Bonnie Stewart 
  14. Graham Stanley 
  15. Doug Symington audio intro
Class of 1.2
  1. Tim Fredrick
  2. Cheryl Oakes audio intro
  3. Jason Robertshaw
  4. Paul Ellerman audio intro
  5. Elderbob Brannon
  6. Dennis Newson audio intro
  7. David Baron
  8. Alice Barr audio intro
  9. Paul Reid audio intro
  10. Randy Ziegenfuss audio intro
  11. Trevor Shanklin audio intro
  12. Carla Arena audio intro
  13. Jose Rodriguez
  14. Erika Cruvinel audio intro
  15. Arvind Grover audio intro
  16. Miguel Guhlin
  17. Liz Drake audio intro
  18. Tsylla Balbino
  19. Parag Shah audio intro
Class of 1.3
  1. Niels Damgaard audio intro
  2. Susanne Nyrop audio intro
  3. Andrew Middleton audio intro
  4. JenniferW audio intro
  5. Bengt Båvegård audio intro
  6. Art Gelwicks audio intro
  7. Salmanbas
  8. Madeline Brownstone audio intro
  9. Sharon Betts audio intro
  10. Kyi_Shwin
  11. Marilyn Jimenez
  12. sendkathy audio intro
  13. Jeff Jones
  14. Dusten
  15. Anne Fox audio intro
  16. Cathy Evanoff audio intro
  17. Sarah Hansen audio intro
  18. Thupten Nyima audio intro
  19. Sue Lister audio intro
  20. Buthaina

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