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Streaming Transcribing Blogging

1. Introduction

From Webcasting to SoftPhone Technology

How to transcribe wave-to-text for text blog publication

Blogging Toolbox

2. Configuration


3. Process

3.1 Management Process

3.2 Core Process

3.3 Support Process

How to transcribe wave-to-text for text blog publication


1. Convert the audio file from AUP to WAV or MP3 (using Audacity/Lame/WinLame)

2. Transcribe from WAV or MP3 to Text (using WAV-To-TEXT Voice Recognition)

2-Way Telephony Madeline Browstone

This recording is edited down from 17 minutes.  I scheduled an interview with one of my 11th grade students and used Audio Hijack. Not sure what went wrong, but the output was not mp3 but ma4. That was a problem. I couldn't do anything with it in Audacity. So I converted it to mp3 in iTunes then worked it into a show with a jingle and all in Garage Band.  Well.. somehow, by the time I turned it into an mp3 again, it sounded like we were down at the bottom of a well.

Open & Participatory Webpublishing Round Table with Clarence Fisher

Webcast Academy participants are welcome to join us for this EVO session (try your hand at recording some of the Skypecast if you like, use the raw audio as an exercise in editing, etc.) Week One of the TESOL EVO2007 'Open & Participatory Webpublishing' session begins with a round table discussion. Special guest - Clarence Fisher. Instructions: - To listen only, tune into 'Sandbox B' - To participate in the chat room, click on the link on the right

Edit a Blog Entry

I am trying to edit one of my blog entries. Did the option to edit or go to My Workspace get disabled? I was trying to change a link address but get a fatal error note when clicking on My Workspace. Thanks!

My Blog and Place for Blackboard/DOPA issues

My Blog is finally up. I have been trying to get one that I feel will do all the things I need to do for blogging (especially about DOPA and Blackboard patent issues), resume, work showcase, photos, and the like.

My elgg space is most definately the best version of a blog app I have used but I have a .mac account and want to try combining the .mac blog with the elgg using rss.

I want to keep all my stuff in one place so I can find it to share with everyone. Too many videos and audio in too many places.


Digital Chalkie Webcast #1

Recently, Brad Hicks, Paul Reid, Kelly Anderson, Doug Symington and Reg Whitely gathered online at various corners of the internet to discuss the topic of "Classroom Blogging" in a live webcast. A big thank you to Brad Hicks for his webcasting expertise and for hosting the show. Also to the engaging interviewees and chatroom participants.

Digital Chalkie Webcast #1 Part a: Classroom Blogging (MP3 – 9.9MB – 42min 58sec)

Right click to download the audio file from here.

Digital Chalkie Webcast #1 Part b: Classroom Blogging (MP3 – 9.7MB – 42min 43sec)

Right click to download the audio file from here.

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