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Class of 2.4

Madeline Brownstone Introduction

Second time around, so this is a new audio introduction.

Sonja Gonzalez Introduction

Thanks for the feedback on the original posted intro. This one is the same content, but I re-exported at a 64KB bitrate. Thanks to those of you who listened, and I hope that others find it interesting!

Bit rate 64 settings using a Mac

I am feeling little challenged - something that I am sure will be a consistent phenomena for the next 6 weeks. Learning the concept in "windowspeak" and then translating to "macspeak is a bit of a learning curve. I found the method to set a bit rate of 64 for the Mac version of Audacity is established in Audacity preferences> File Format> MP3 Export Setup then the drop down menu> 64. If I have posted this entry twice - it maybe the beginning of that head knocking thing I heard about.

Jennifer Verschoor Introduction

Lorna Costantini Intro

This is my introduction audio cast and I am anxious to get feedback on how to improve the sound and voice quality.

So much learning to do

I do feel a feeling of satisfaction at having uploaded my audio. Content leaves a lot to be desired I think and it could have been better edited, but I haven't always had success with audacity and now I think I've learnt something which might make it easier for next time. So thanks for the experience. I know I still got a lot to learn

Jo McLeay Introduction Class of 2.4

Sharing great ideas

Participating in the orientation session for Class 2.4 was extremely rewarding. I found joining the Skype cast some what challenging because I am using a Mac and the Screencast instructions were created using Windows. I felt a sense of relief joining a group of people not only with similar goals but also starting out at the beginning of the process of online communications.

Matt Montagne-Audio Introduction

Below you'll find my audio introduction.  Nice 'meeting' all of you at the open house today.  Again, great job to all moderators for managing the talk.  I'm looking forward to this experience.



Oh yea...and GO PACK GO!

Class of 2.4 Open House, Jan 13, 2008

This is an audio recording of the "Open House" for the Class of 2.4.  Thanks to all who participated!

Chat Log Below

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