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Class of 2.4

Introduction by Cyndi Danner-Kuhn

Well week one and already behind.  Not a good start needless to say. Anyway, I am using a MacBook Pro and thought GargageBand would be best bet, but decided to try Audacity since that is what  most of my own students will attempt to use.  I am really kooking forward to suggestions for improvement.

Get this party started!

Finally feeling like I "get" what I'm supposed to do with this! A lot of that has to do with the first class (but missed the second... have to go back and listen to that!) and reading around on the website. This is a great community! Really liking that I can listen to other people's projects/ideas/intros and that we'll continue to work together. Great collaborative environment that I hope to try to re-create in part at my school. 

Academy Meeting 2.4.1, Jan 20, 2008

This is the audio recording of the "live" class for the first session of Webcast Academy's Class of 2.4.  We lost about 30 seconds of audio when Skype crashed....

Week 1 Reflection

I am using a Mac for this session and am fairly new at it.  After some confusion with the Lame file I needed for converting to MP3in Audacity, I finally got it.  I had to go back and load Audacity the beta version and when I tried to convert, a pop up box said I didn't have the Lame file and did I wish to download.  It also provided the link for me.  Too cool.  These computers just get smarter and smarter.    

Deborah Goodman Class of 2.4 Audio-Intro

Here is upload number 2.  I forgot to change the rate when exporting to MP3. So, here goes again.

Recording Skype call (two sides)

After some frustration with what I thought were setting issues, Lee B helped me out and it turns out my dual 1/8th inch plug headset wasn't going to work for this. I went to the local Radio Shack and ended up with a Logitec 250 USB headset, and things went MUCH smoother! I figured I'd post the settings here that worked, since they are a little different from Lee's screencast since she's using other software.

 (Using a Logitec 250 USB headset)

System prefs : Sound : output and input set to Logitec USB

Preparing for Upcoming Semester

Sheila Adams Audio Introduction

Hi all! Sonja and I worked together on this. She let me use her Snowball Microphone. 

 I'm a 7th grade science teacher in New Hampshire, USA.


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