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Class of 2.4

Recording and Broadcasting with Nicecast, Skype and a Mac

Listen in to Lee Baber and Derrall's webcast audio tutorial explaining how to set- up your Mac for broadcasting and recording using Nicecast, Skype, and Sound Preferences. Both usb headsets and usb mics are addressed. 

Academy Meeting 2.4.2, January 27, 2008

We reviewed assignments from week 1 and discussed expectations for week 2.  After class, Jeff test drove his Skype Pro account and had 18 people on the conference call!

Chat log below

Weeks # 1-2

Well, there is a time for everything. I'm starting to blog and still can't believe it! I never thought I would put up my very own thoughts in cyber space, but since this is the assignement...

Our end-of semester A has finally arrived so I have more time to fiddle with the audio specs' etc.. and I enjoyed very much learning to use Audacity and editing a file with a mix of background music and introducing myself!

Just getting started with webcasting

This will be a short blog post as I have completed Week 1 assignments and am now looking towards week 2!  Just as well, as the meeting is in 2 hours! 

No problems so far, however I have noticed a lot of activity on the group Skype chat and was wondering if I was really being left behind....maybe everyone is well into week 2 by now. Luckily I watched the screencast on how to manage a group Skype chat so I now know how to not have the chat window popping up during class all the time!

Julie Lindsay Introduction

Week #1

I've done a lot of listening this week. Stayed up much later than I should have to listen to some webcasts. I've gotten something out of all of them but I find it hard to digest it all. I really appreciated the time with Lee and Derrall with the Mac interface on Monday, Jan 21st. They gave us a basic run down of the software, explaining the purposes and settings. It was very helpful. Thanks so much!

Jess McCulloch Introduction

I'm Jess, I teach Chinese in a small country school in Victoria, Australia. I'd love to create a webcast show with my students, and maybe Jo McLeay will have me on her show too! Looking forward to it.

Karen Dennis...slowly but surely, starting to get it!

I am now starting to believe that I can do this!  I was so excited today after I posted my first audio recording using Audacity.  I like how this academy is taking me in managable steps toward my goal of becoming a webcaster.  I find that I am a bit intimidated, not quite sure what to do, but after spending some time navigating around the website, I find the answers I need in order to do what I need to do.  I am very grateful knowing there is so much support out there, helping me to get to my goals.  It still just amazes me that we are a group of people all with an int



Holy Moly, lots to learn and already playing catch up!!

I was traveling yesterday, had been in Kansas City to watch my daughter perform, so did not return home in time to participate live.  I am listening to the recording of the session.  Learning lots, but discovered I hate just listening and not participating.  So, hopefully life does not get in the way too often.  Ok, I know I am dreaming, but my intentions are good.  

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