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Internship - Expression of Interest

If you are interested in participating in the next webcast academy session, please post a short note of introduction here. 

this summer

Hi all, 

I would definitely be available to help this summer!




Webcast Academy

I am interested in participating in the next webcast Academy. The summer works well for me to participate. I am a doctoral student in curriculum and instruction and an instructor. I have really enjoyed my Ed Tech courses and look forward to creating a webcast for other dietetics educators.


Interest in Internship

Hi all,

I'm Cindy in northeast NC.  I'm an instructional technologist for my district.  I'm very interested in becoming and intern.  I would like to set up a webcast as part of our staff development program.



Webcast Academy

Hi Edtech folk.  I would like to join next Webacast academy. This summer would be great.  I have played around with ideas for webcast.  I plan on working with tech coordinator in our district.  We will be co-hosting podcast beginning May 17, 2007.  Webcasting would be the next step.



So where are you hiding it? Let's hear it!!

Prospective trainee

Hi gang,

 I would be interested in knowing when you will be conducting your next Webcast Academy. My current role places me as edtech evangelist in higher ed but my consulting life has me providing support across the education spectrum.

Additionally, I am doing work with educators in Pakistan and see value in extending their reach with this technology.

 Thanks for your time,

 John Martin


Hello, I am a teacher in


I am a teacher in Southeastern Ohio and would like to become anew intern.  I would use this knowledge to help our teachers to create webcasts of their classes for those who miss class and/or those who need re-teaching.



7th grade

I teach 7th grade!

Hi Scott


What grade level(s) do you teach?  There might be someone else who can talk to you who is in a similar school setting. 

Kathy Shields (sendkathy)

Hey Kathy, I teach 7th grade

Hey Kathy,

I teach 7th grade special education.  We do inclusion so I am in every regular classroom

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