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Matt Montagne-Interncast

Today I had a conversation with a student of mine, Alex, about his experience testing out the school owned Asus eeePC a few weeks ago.  During his trial of the PC Alex took the computer between school and home and really put it to the test.  He used it during the school day for note taking and he also used it with a small group project where the students used a wiki and a Voki.

We had three other people listen to the conversation, and this really made it more enjoyable (thank you for hopping in and joining, Pam!)  It was fun pulling stuff out of the chat for Alex to respond to.  This definitely made the experience more interactive (and Alex appreciated the compliments that were sent his way!)

The audio was a little wonky, and this is probably due to the fact that Alex was using Skype on the eeePC device from his home.  I think the built-in mic on the eeePC is a little "tinny" and this probably had an effect on the recorded audio quality as well.

Also, this was my first experience having a conversation bonk out in skype and while streaming.  This was edited out of the conversation, but it was a good experience to work through.

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Listening Pleasure

I really enjoyed listening to the intelligent young man via your webcasting expertise!



Matt's interncast

I'm glad I could attend. Both you and Alex did an outstanding job...very interesting to learn about the E3 from the student perspective! You are doing a nice job coming up with interesting & creative ideas for shows. I can't wait for the next one! Pam Shoemaker, Co-facilitator Class of 2.4

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