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2-Way Telephony Madeline Browstone

This recording is edited down from 17 minutes.  I scheduled an interview with one of my 11th grade students and used Audio Hijack. Not sure what went wrong, but the output was not mp3 but ma4. That was a problem. I couldn't do anything with it in Audacity. So I converted it to mp3 in iTunes then worked it into a show with a jingle and all in Garage Band.  Well.. somehow, by the time I turned it into an mp3 again, it sounded like we were down at the bottom of a well. Today, I noticed that the recording was to be short, less than 5 minutes.  This version I am posting is yet another cut. I have 5:20 minutes of the interview here. Oy. I also played around with Nicecast and followed Lee Baber's advice on settings.  My next step is to find out how to login to the sandbox so I can try to go live with a brief webcast in the sandbox.  Hope to get caught up and stay caught up. Not easy. But I'm committed to getting this down and graduating. Ha. We'll see.


Great to hear a student voice

It was great to hear a student voice for your recording. How empowering to include students in what you are doing. Hopefully you've worked through some of the sound issues you were having. Your approach of using various tools to end up with what you need is similar to what I end up having to do sometimes.

Sounds good

Hi Madeline, I enjoyed hearing you talk with your student and hearing her perspectives.  I see that you had to do a lot of editing and converting to make it fit all the specs... that sure takes time and persistence.  Good job!  Sandbox info is posted at  The pw is given out verbally only.  When you are ready, use the WA Skype chat to find someone who you can speak with to get the password.  In the future, don't forget to include the date when you name your files. 

Pam Shoemaker, Co-facilitator Class of 2.4

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