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Matt Montagne-Two Way Skype Call Recording with Doug Symington

Thanks to Doug for taking the time to do a recording with me on Sunday.  It was a fairly random, un-directed conversation and I wasn't going to use it as my project sample, but it turned out pretty nicely.  Doug has a GREAT quote at the end of the recording! 


I'm glad football season is over

Everytime I hear your voice I keep hearing "Go Packer," so I'm glad I can get to learn more about the other elements/aspects of who you are. I'm glad you worked with Doug, you both had a great exchange but any geek-talk conversation is going to get my attention :) It sounded like Doug's voice was a little loud compared to yours, but quality was good and it was a good capture of a conversation between two very knowledgeable educators.

gain levels

Thanks for the feedback, Derrall...sorry for the constant references to the Packers, but we don't have alot going on here in Wisconsin this time of year!!

The gain on my microphone is really low...the snowball mic that I have is known for this.  I've tried adjusting in the system preferences, but there is only so much that can be done.  This is a question I have for the class tomorrow-what software tools can be put to use to help correct this (preferrably during pre-production/production and not during post production as I think that would be extremely tedious audio editing).

Look forward to talking with everyone tomorrow!



Great Job Matt

Hi Matt Your nicecast recording sounded great. Even though it was a test the content was interesting. Lorna

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