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Lorna Costantini Intro

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This is my introduction audio cast and I am anxious to get feedback on how to improve the sound and voice quality.


Wonderful introduction,

Wonderful introduction, Lorna!  You are very well spoken and have a great radio voice!  Looking forward to working with you on this project and having you 'meet' the parents that I'll be working with in our Parent Web2.0 study group at the school I teach at.


Matt Montagne

Milwaukee, WI USA

Nice Intro

I love the bridging gaps idea and sounds like your upcoming projects will be wonderful.  

Cyndi Danner-Kuhn Opening Minds from Fort Hays State University

Your intro


It was great to hear your intro. What a wealth of experiences you have! Looking forward to hearing more from you!


Hi Lorna.  It's nice to

Hi Lorna.  It's nice to meet you here in Webcast Academy 2.4.  I look forward to working with you and hearing more of your ideas about communicating with parents and getting them where they need to be in this digital world.     

Deborah B Goodman

Nice introduction to the challenges you are trying to overcome

I can't wait to see how your ideas take hold within your community. The sound is good and your content is compelling. What is it about the sound you are not happy with? Are you using a dynamic or condenser mike? Just a couple of tech issues. The file title you save under from Audacity should be for example "jane-doe-introduction-2007-08-01.mp3" We include the dashes because some computers don't like empty spaces in file titles. Within the id3 tags you listed genre as "blues" and Jeff uses "education." One last thing, bitrate is 128kps, when we would like 64kps. This is not so critical but it has to do with file size later on when you have one hour or so recordings. 

Really good to hear your introduction

Hi Lorna,

it was great to hear your intro, especially the bit where you want to use technology to bridge gaps. It immediately made me think of some new plans for this year that I want to put into place at my school to communicate with parents. Thanks for the inspiration.


Jo McLeay Blog:

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