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Vance Stevens attempts to Webcast again as part of EuroCALL Virtual Strand presentations, 10 am GMT Sat Sept 8

Global time:

Vance Stevens has been invited to present online at the EuroCALL conference on 8 September from 11:15-12;00 in Coleraine, Northern Ireland (10:15-11:00-- GMT) as a featured online presenter in the Virtual Strand which includes streamed presentations from the conference, and conference blog and chat space, in addition to a limited number of invited, interactive, online presentations lasting approximately 40 minutes: The Google Group homepage points to the Virtual Strand link to the presentation.

My paper entitled Mastering competencies for collaboration and aggregation in distributed learning networks is linked from Participants are expected to read the text in advance, so that during the presentation itself, I will join delegates in a chat room on a Blobber-enabled web-page for discussion and questions.  Blobber doesn't work well, frankly, so I might try to steer participants to  . And I have promised them a Skypecast at the time I will be at the Blobber thingy, hence the need for the stream.  Incidentally here in the UAE I have been scrambling to get my Skype working through the country firewall and need to download the streaming software now, and if all goes smoothly, cya there.  Lisa Durff has agreed to try and back me up (if she's awake).  Thanks Lisa (and thanks Jose for last weekend's event).

The event went well (so everyone says, or perhaps they are just being polite).  The recording is archived, for the time being, here:

event | by Dr. Radut