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Webcast Academy Graduationcast for Alice Mercer

Here it is! HEY, where's my certificate?


Alice Gradcast Assessment

Gradcast  Assessement
Event Listing:^
ShowNotes/Chat Log: X
- no link to portfolio or setup, no chat log
Filename: ^
Sample Rate:^
Bit Rate: X,
needs to be 64kbs
ID3 Tags: 0 - a bit more info and licensing info would be good
Audio Quality: 0 - not bad, but still got that VAC Crackle
Content:  ^

Way to go #2

From It's Elemenatary Fame to Alice Restuarant and Beyond.   Looking forward to collaboration and exemplary work as Miz Webcaster.  Congrats! 

Jose Rodriguez, 3rd Grade and Adult ESL Teacher; It's Elementary Webcast

audio | by Dr. Radut