Webcaster Kit

Internet Connection
In order to webcast, you need a stable internet connection that provides at least 100kbps upload bandwidth (which means dial-up connections will not work).  If you plan to have more than one or two people in a skype call, you will probably need a bit more than that.  You can test your bandwidth at Speedtest.net, AuditMyPC.com or speakeasy.net. And you can monitor upload and download Internet speed in real-time using NetMeter.  


  • Based on our experience thus far, it is necessary to use either a desktop USB mic like this or  USB Headsets like these which have two separate inputs for  the mic and ear piece. Models that have been confirmed to work include:
    • First choice

      USB headsets that do NOT have the two separate inputs for mic and ear piece will not work and may cause severe anxiety for webcasters attempting to use them! Meaning: Preferably use the recommended USB desktop mic AK5370 for speech audio (separate to the mic input for the sound card), and use the jack headset plugged into the sound card for listening audio. USB mics from webcams do not deliver the quality as the recommended USB desktop mic AK5370. Using speakers to listen will cause interference in the mic. Please also check Skype Call Quality Issues in order to remedy frequent problem areas, such as: Call echo, background noise, one-way sound, robotic sound, words cut off, and delay.


These are the software tools of webcasting.  Some of them (like skype and gizmo) serve the same basic function, but sampling from the buffet can be a good thing, so interns are encouraged to experiment with as many of these as possible.  Trial versions of commercial programs are available, but as far as unavoidable long-term costs, Mac users will eventually need to purchase Nicecast, Windows users will need to purchase Virtual Audio Cables.


 Windows Users
 Mac Users

Basic Set - VoIP, Audio Recording, Webcasting


Basic Set - - VoIP, Audio Recording, Webcasting


In order to record what's happening on our destops and publish the video, everyone should be able to use Jing and Windows users can use Camtasia (30 day free trial). Mac Users can try SnapZPro