Worldbridges/Webcast Academy Audio Specifications

Some degree of standardization in audio is necessary in order to maintain audio quality, functionality, organization, and  good overall cyber ecology.

  • All audio produced and uploaded on Worldbridges sites should be:|
    • an mp3 file encoded at no more than a 64kbs bitrate. Higher bitrate files can be exchanged as pre-edited raw files. 
    • Sample rate should be 22 or 44khz in order for the audio to work with audio flash players.
    Screencast: Configuring Audio Specifications in Audacity
  • ID3 tags should include the Title, Artist, website URL (in comments section), and Licensing information
    (creative commons licensing info)
    Screencast How to deal with ID3 tags
  • Filenames should always describe the content of audio, date produced, and be unique from any other filename. For example, intern introductions should be named like - jane-doe-introduction-2007-08-01.mp3
    Do NOT use spaces or special characters (i.e. # @ & $ !) in filenames. Underscores and dashes are fine.