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Screencast! Nicecast Set-Up with USB Mic

also see­

Screencast! Nicecast Set-up for Mac and USB headsets­


NEW Screencast - Nicecast Set-up for Headsets

­Check out the new Screencast ..or .. MacCast for Nicecast Headset Set-up! ­­­­


Mac Setup for Skype Preferences, System Preferences and Nicecast

Please go to this book page for help with Mac set up in Skype, Mac System Preferences, and Nicecast. 

Or contact me with any Mac questions. ~Lee 

Mac Webcasting Group

Hello Everyone!

Audacity Video Tutorial - Editing Volume

Here is a video for Audacity .. how to edit volume on pre-recorded audio. I did not record sound but I have a text message at the end of the video. Just trying different methods of using video!

I created a larger picture video here ! (takes longer to load)

Here is the Forum on "How to Get Started"

If you are an intern, here is a link to the Forum "How To Get Started". I have also included a link there to a video tutorial screencast to show how to post your introduction. ~Lee


Women of Web 2.0.10

Women of Web 2.0.10
January 2, 2007
Download mp3

Compression - What's the Big Squeeze?

Here is a little audio I created to help explain the use of a compressor in audio editing.

SpaceCast 5 -- Back for Another Round

SpaceCast Episode #5  is edited and ready to go. This is our first live event for our middle school elgg students ( this school year. After being recorded live on air, I had to edit some choice items but it is still entertaining.

Last year, I had to ask others to broadcast for me since I could not get the firewalls open at school. That problem is now solved and I am able to handle the details. I still must work on getting the chat room to work for me and kids. Paul Allison and I joined Madeline Brownstone for a nice student cast session.

Just as we learn the ins and outs of social networking, so do our students and therein lies the reason for my editing a little of the audio. We will be discussing plans for this friday's SpaceCast tonight on Teachers Teaching Teachers so we can be better guides for out students.  See you next week (Friday at 10:30am EST). (Click here to subscribe to SpaceCast)

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