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Doug Symington

Hello all,

Welcome to the beginnning of the "formal" classes for Webcastacademy for the English-language version of the Class of 3.1.1

I've been involved with WCA for a little over 2 years and have worked with a number of interns beginning with the class of 1.1. I'm really looking forward to learning with the class of 3.1.1 and can't wait to meet each of you.

Getting Started with UStream

Check out Getting Started with UStream and comment with any questions you have.

Retweet of Academy General Meeting

Doug Symington dougsymington Join us for #webcastacademy @ > Time where you are > http://pi


Today we came up with the tag we'll be using for the Earth Day Webcastathon 2008. Please tag any related media with earthcast08 so we can find your stuff. Look forward to having you join us on April 22, 2008.

Webcastacademy, Pre-Brainstorm Edition

A discussion with Brad and Cathy that includes the appropriate use of technolog y in education to Australian Christmas stories.

Download mp3

Removing and replacing battery seems to have resolved "sound issues" on my Dell Latitude D800

Wanted to share my experience of this afternoon regarding "audio issues" with my Dell Latitude D800 laptop. Out of nowhere I began having trouble with the sound on my laptop. The internal speakers weren't producing any sound -- no start-up/shut-down for Windows, or anything else -- and plugging in headphones led "white noise" but even that was extremely faint.

I went into the audio settings and everything seemed as it should be. Control Panel > System > Device Manager also indicated that everything was working as it should, although I still was unable to get any sound out of the machine.

Doug Symington: Introduction

My audio introduction. I'm a member of the class of 1.1 and am really looking forward to working with each of you.
Download Audio (748 kb, 1:35)
My web page contains links to posts, pictures and links to some of the things I'm doing online.

Webcaster Report: Doug Symington

For my "rig" I've been using a Dell Latitude D800 1.50 GHz laptop with a Pentium M processor and 512 MB of RAM. I've also used a USB microphone and wireless (802.11g) internet connection.

For software I've used SAM Broadcaster, Virtual Audio Cables / Audio Repeater, Skype and Audacity for streaming, recording and post-production of audio. For me the biggest hurdles to overcome have been getting audio settings as they should be so that "both sides" of the conversation can be heard over the stream, "issues" within Skype and post-production itself.

Google Calendar for Webcastacademy

Here's a link to another Google Calendar, this time for Webcastacademy. To move events between calendars, you can use the "Copy to my Calendar" feature for individual events in the calendar. Click on "Copy to my Calendar" and then select the calendar you'd like (in this case, the one for to make a copy of the event. The question has also arisen about the pop-up window that asks if you'd like to "add this calendar" each time the Google Calendar button is clicked. I've been clicking on yes in this instance, and it appears to go directly to the calendar without over writing it. You should all have read/write/modify access to the calendar -- please advise if you have difficulties with access.


Haven't heard from anyone regarding "issues" with the calendar, and I'm hoping it's a case of no news == good news ;-)

The calendar's time is set to Eastern (North America), although I think some of the entries are still showing in Pacific (North America) time.

Please advise of any troubles you have by posting here, and please do add or edit an entry to the calendar. I'd like to have some posts from different time zones to see how the calendar reacts. This will help to assess the viability of the calendar for our purposes here.

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