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"There must be more to life than this." Struggling to get the sound right

Sorry I can't upload Freddy Mercury singing,


1.  I've spent (wasted?) hours playing around with two micros, Logitech USB  and non-USB Typhoon. Typhoon sounds great.

I've changed all the variables ion various permutations , but have nothing very final to report.

2.  I decided to delete and reinstall Simple Cast and VAC. That was a MISTAKE! New versions do not work at all, and throw up

  messages (in German, no point in screenshots) :

CORRECTION! URL for mp3, second webcast


Revised URL for Foodbridges 2 recording (mp3)


mp3 Foodbridges 2


Thanks for pointing this out, Dennis "Phoenix" Oliver. I see the mistake. I altered the URL here, in this text box, and not by pressing the link button.


Just clicked from this page (above) and it worked. 

"Keep talking..." Foodbridges 2 The technical side

I'll find out if there is a special place to put links, but here is where the Audacity recording of last night's Foodbridges 2 webcast is:


The recording is OK, but the voices have an echo quality as if we were all sitting in caves. What could that be? What settings should be checked?


The Newson Method (Jeff's joke)

 It may not be immediately obvious that you have to click on Audacity setting and Volume setting to see the screenshots.


Audacity settings   - stereo mix, note volume of micro


Volume settings - micro as high as possible (Too high?) 



The Newson method How to record both ends of a conversation without using the audio repeater

Jeff asked me to post screenshots of my basic Audacity settings. Apologies for the naff images. If I knew how to do them better - getting rid of background for example - I would. 

Micro setting plus stereo 


Other Audacity  settings


Mmm. Looks like I've got to upload screenshots to my server before they can be downloaded and inserted here. Tell me if I am wrong about that....What else is possible....OK, I'll give a link....Something tells me it cannot be this complicated..... Next post will contain the images.


Passwords for streaming

I've been asking on class of 2.3 Skype chat for a couple of days for the new passwords for streaming, but all the guys and guyesses are too  shy to 'phone me and let me know.




Skype knows me as:



The Newson method - Recording both sides of a conversation without bothering with the audio repeater

Well, I'll be...... I moved for a reference, and lost what I had written here.  Again.....

 Jeff the Boss has suggested I describe how I seem to have made a reasonable recording of a  two-ended conversation without using the audio repeater.


My vital statistics are:

Here we go again

After the great success yesterday of converting to mp3 and uploading an audio file - with more than a little help from Susan and Jose - I thought I'd try basic streaming. I listened several times to Jeff's screencast, pausing as he went, double checked and got that wretched error message. This time: incorrect password. Has it changed?  Illya phoned me last week and dictated it to me.

Meeting up



I really feel like the kid whose peers left school two years ago, everything has changed, the computer room is where the bathroom used to be and no code words work any more.

 I'm very interested in the present course, though I'll probably miss all the European-unfriendly meetings after midnight our time since I live in time zone GMT + 2.

I've been a registered member of WA for about two years.


I hope to meet up with you somewhere.


Attempt to stream carries over into new year.

I just listened to the 8th. grade New York City kids on their program. I know most of the technical stuff was done for them by someone else,  but I am still motivated by them to carry on trying. The nut I have to crack is very basic: I cannot get streaming to work and NO-ONE can tell me why. If there is a PC Windows XP person in the house (on the list) who thinks they may be able to help, especially empßloying trouble-shooting, error analysis - whatever - do, please contact me at:


Whatever does or does not happen:


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