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Mireille's Interview with Vance Stevens

Hello Everyone

Here is my interview with Vance Stevens.  The interview ran 1 hour.  There was so much to talk about and I could have listen to Vance for hours. 

What I would like to learn is
1.  How to Edit - I have posted this interview without editing.  Once I have learned how to edit I will go back repost the interview
2.  How to divide the interview into smaller chunks. 

Here are the links we talked about in the interview


Building Online Communities
chromatic, coauthor of Running Weblogs with Slash - 10/21/2002
About Vance Stevens
Vance’s Twitter Page
Map of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates
Blog: adVancEducation
Podcaster: Vance’s Geekspeek
Webheads Information
Becoming a Webhead
Webhead Yahoo Group
Webheads in Action
Webheads in Action –
Electronic Village Online 2010

Thank you Vance for making my first interview a wonderful experience.  I'm looking forward to conducting another interview you in September.




Great Job Mireille. You can find info about editing audio here:

and my applauding comments in the video below
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audio | by Dr. Radut